Eldon George Celebration

On Sunday November 15th, approximately 60 people filled the multipurpose room at the Fundy Geological Museum during a “Celebration for Eldon George”. Thank you to all of you that attended. Eldon was beaming with happiness as he saw his life’s work being recognized by the community.

CBC Television covered the event – watch the story here:


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  1. Well, many years ago when I was about 14 (1962) I met Mr. Eldon George. A gentleman from day one. I was introduce to him by Jack Starrett who had allowed Eldon the opportunity to explore on the lower brook on his property for Volcanic rocks. Elden asked if I could help him on occasion to carry rock to his Jeep. He would work during the day and roll rock down the bank to the brook to be washed and then he would crack them open to find the treasures. Each evening I would go over to the brook and carry these cracked rocks out to his Jeep so he could take them to his place in Parrsboro. Most of the treasures were Amethyst, and Agate .

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