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Have known Eldon George for over 50 years. A true gentleman and great citizen of Parrsboro and Nova Scotia. Eldon has done so much for the geological history of the area. He started it all in his youth. I was so glad when he became a member of the Order of Nova Scotia. His collection and donation to the Fundy Geological Museum is immeasurable.
Thank you Eldon George.
— Mac Bennett, Lwr. Sackville and Fraserville


While I have never spoken to Eldon George, his Rock and Mineral Shop are a highlight of my memories of Parrsboro. I have visited the shop a few times when I completing my BSc in Earth Science. I am now working towards my PhD in Earth Science. I would definitely say that the rock and mineral shop, along with the amazing local geology of the Bay of Fundy, were inspirations for me to pursue Earth Science.

Thank you Eldon, I am sure you have inspired many students just like myself to show an interest and passion for nature.
— Nicole Marshall


I went to Parrsboro when I was ten (I am the one in the dinosaur t-shirt). I always had a love for fossils. I was really looking forward to going to the Fundy Geological Museum but it was closed due to renovations. The people in the gift shop told me to go to Eldon’s store. When I got there I was amazed by the huge collection of stuff and his accomplishments. I started talking to him and shared my interests in rocks and fossils. He then started to give my some agates and amethyst to take home for free.  Eldon was a huge inspiration to me, he told me to collect rocks and fossils because you enjoy it, not because it’s your job, or you feel like you have to.

A few years later a did a science fair project on fossils that won a gold medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair. Part of my inspiration to do that project on fossils was because of what Eldon had said when I met him. To this day it remains my favourite rock shop, and I have visited ones across the country. Thank you Eldon!
— Emily Cross


We continue to gather your memories and stories related to the Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Shop and Eldon George.

  • Did he inspire you when you were young?
  • Did he share any fossil secrets with you?
  • What did the Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Shop mean to you and your family?

Share you comments and images below.

6 thoughts on “Your Memories

  1. Mr. George has been a friend of my maternal grandmother (Pearl Newcombe McCabe) and her late brother Alden Newcombe and spent time with them at their family cottage in Parrsboro. Fast forward to the 1980s and 1990s when my own family had a cottage in Parrsboro. My brother and I spent many days in the summer at Mr. George’s shop. The moment our mother walked in with us the first time he exclaimed she must be a “Newcombe girl”. He taught us so many things about rocks and fossils. He would give us free rocks and I always loved the grab bags. His wife was a sweetheart too. They inspired me to get a rock tumbler and polish stones and my lifelong love of amethyst. I found some neat plant fossils that Mr. George looked at quite earnestly. He had always wanted to take us out fossil hunting and I regret that we never got to do that. He’s an extraordinary man. Lots of great memories.

  2. Long before becoming local residents, visiting Parrsboro and Eldon was a regular outing for our family. Eldon was always extremely interested in, and helpful with, Patti’s growing interest in Geology and the children would always gravitate to the dinosaur. Shown here are Chris and Jen and the dinosaur in the fall of 1988.

  3. I am always grateful to Eldon George for opening up his rock shop in February to accommodate a guest I had from England. He saw us outside, window peeking, and came out, chatted and was a great ambassador for our area.

  4. I am one of the late-comers who missed out on meeting George and seeing his museum. My husband and I visited Parrsboro and area in early May 2016 (yes, just a couple weeks back) and his museum was on my “Must See” list. Sadly, it was closed each time we drove past. However, I didn’t realize it was permanently closed.
    I was so much looking forward to looking at his treasures and had hoped to purchase some to bring home to join my little collection and even more, had hoped for a chance to chat with someone with knowledge of the area.
    Now back home in British Columbia, I’ve learned that he retired only a few months back. So, congratulations to George on his many years of a life well spent. I wish I had met you. All the best to you in the future; now the store won’t take up any of your time for fossil hunting.

  5. Eldon George is my uncle on my mother’s side. Her name was Margret Jean George and her other two sisters were Mary and Einner. Their brothers names were Bobby, Willie, Dook and Ounnie. Their mother’s name was Gurtrude and father’s name was Pupa.

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