Celebrate Eldon George

A highlight of the Parrsboro Rock Shop Project has been the creation of two new artworks by Tom Forrestall, one of the leading figures associated with the visual arts of the Maritime region.

The two new artworks include a watercolour painting of the Parrsboro Rock Shop and a drawn portrait of Eldon George. The contribution of the new artworks has been recognized by the Nova Scotia Department of Communities Culture and Heritage and was made possible by the generous encouragement and support of Dr. Mary O’Regan.

Signed prints of the artworks are available for purchase with revenue used to support the Museum project.   BUY NOW

The two original artworks will be incorporated into a gallery exhibit to recognize Eldon George’s contributions to geology and tourism of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy region. Signed prints of the artworks are available. The prints provide an opportunity for the public to enjoy the art and share in the celebration of Eldon’s accomplishments.

Detail of Parrsboro Rock Shop painting
A detail of the Parrsboro Rock Shop watercolor painting by Tom Forrestall.
Let’s examine a detail of the watercolor painting.  The iconic cement dinosaur welcomes us to reflect on the playful destination that Eldon George created. The green dinosaur has been included in countless family photos. The grinning dinosaur has been part of many memorable family vacations exploring the Parrsboro Shore (see Memories).  Behind this playful beast, our eyes are attracted to the windows filled with mineral treasures and the open door that calls for us to enter. The hand-painted signs assure us the Rock Shop is a place of authenticity. This is a place that welcomes everyone, a place where you are sure to be inspired and discover a unique treasure.

Support the Rock Shop Project

Support the Parrsboro Rock Shop Project and purchase your own copies of the archival prints signed by both Eldon George and Tom Forrestall.  BUY NOW

You can also make donations online to support the Parrsboro Rock Shop Project. DONATE NOW

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