Eldon George (1931-2018)

Eldon George from Macleans Magazine 2003.

Eldon George, born in Parrsboro on May 10, 1931, passed away surrounded by family and friends on November 29, 2018.  Eldon was awarded the Order of Nova Scotia in 2013, in recognition of his contributions to geology and tourism of Nova Scotia.  After suffering a traumatic injury to his arm as a young boy, Eldon’s mother encouraged him to paint and collect shells on the shores of the Bay of Fundy. It was then that he discovered a fossil footprint at the age of nine years old, and began his lifelong passion of exploring the geology and fossils of Nova Scotia.

Eldon has made many contributions and inspired many people through his lifetime. The Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Shop and Museum that he and his wife Elaine operated for almost sixty years became an iconic destination for generations of people visiting the Parrsboro Shore. Eldon collaborated with international researchers, particularly his close friend Dr. Donald Baird from Princeton University. Always with a positive attitude and bright smile, Eldon had a passion for educating children who visited the colourful Rock Shop and Museum.

In 2015, the Cumberland Geological Society reached an agreement with Eldon to acquire the Rock Shop in order to establish an exhibit to highlight the contributions that Eldon and Elaine made to the province. Eldon also donated his fossils to the Fundy Geological Museum.  Eldon passed away knowing that his life’s work and internationally significant fossils and mineral specimens are safe and secure in his home town of Parrsboro.

We will remember his bright smile and creative sparkle in his eye.

Thanks for everything Eldon!


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  1. No words can Express how much Eldon meant to me.. My son, daughter in law and grand child are all rock hounders and fossil hunters because of his infectious adoration for geology…I hope there are rocks in heaven for you Eldon.

  2. Thank you so much for your knowledge, your sense of humour and your legacy. …you will be missed by all who had met you.

  3. We are saddened by this news. We always came to the rock shop in Parsborro when it still existed, and talk to Eldon about rocks of course. When the shop was up for sale we were talking and thinking about buying it just to preserve such a unique place in Parsborro. Unfortunately the price was to high. We were relieved to hear that the geological fundy museum took over his precious collection. We are so honored to have met him, and will think with many memories back on Eldon and his rock shop.

  4. There will be no other like Uncle (Bubby) Eldon. An amazing man in his life’s accomplishments. A gentleman who always showed kindness and grace to everyone he met. He will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace, Uncle Bubby. May your footprints turn to fossils-everlasting in our hearts!

  5. A long and well-lived life for a person who overcame his physical challenges and became a well respected citizen of Parrsboro, and an honoured citizen scientist. Nevertheless it is sad and painful to learn of his passing. Eldon took me out on the local outcrops in the 1960s when I was a kid. Today, as geologist with over 40 years experience I am still poking around those same cliffs. I suppose he was returning the favour as my relatives Hughie, Blair and Jack Gillespie took Eldon out in the 1940s looking for rocks. Like many, I am honoured and blessed to have had him in my life.

  6. You found footprints that told a story, and now you leave your footprints full of stories.
    Rest In Peace Uncle Bubby🦖⛏

  7. I have known and worked with Eldon for 50 years. This is a sad day. I am so humbled to have played a key role in the preservation of the legacy of Eldon and Elaine’s life’s work. An honourable man dedicated to his life passion for collecting, preserving and studying rocks, minerals and fossils. Their shop was unique – always open and welcoming. I appreciated the many cups of boiled tea in their kitchen and the wide ranging conversations. His work at the Nova Scotia Museum of Science (now the Nova Scotia Museum) lives on their as well. He and Elaine are together now, but Eldon is probably out walking the shoreline on a hunt. Martha and I miss them both dearly.

  8. Several years ago I took a fossil fragment from Blue Beach, Nova Scotia to see if Mr George knew what it was. He looked at it with a keen eye and said it was the back part of a small shark jaw. He then went under his counter, selected a large book among others there then flipped right to a page in the middle of the book and pointed to a picture of a jaw and where my small fragment would have been. His depth of knowledge must have been incredible. We have truly lost a national treasure.
    My sincerest condolences.

  9. ELDON you were a true inspiration to anyone who was lucky enough to meet and know you . May you rest in peace my friend

  10. Sad to hear this news. RIP Eldon. I will always remember visiting Eldon at the shop with my father then bringing my daughters there later in life. Eldon was always so helpful and eager to speak with us and show his many finds. The only thing that would outnumber his finds are the people he inspired and memories he has left. We will cherish our dinosaur print and pictures of family with the little guy out front. Thank you Eldon you have made our many trips to NS amazing. Condolences to family and friends I am sure there are many.

  11. Meeting Eldon several times is one of the highlights of my life. I nearly missed my plane home the first time we met because we talked for so long – he told great stories! My condolences to the family. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

  12. Hope you find all the beautiful rocks you ever wished for ❤️ I will miss coming to the cottage and have you teasing me about being left behind a screen door to rust! I’ll miss you uncle Bubby ❤️

  13. I remember going to Parsborro as a young boy, my grandparents ts lived 3 doors from his shop. I became friends with his son Wayne, he would take us on rock hunts. One time I remember in particular he took us to a cave where there was crystal… after getting away in, he said, I hope the bear that lives in here isnt home. As a 12 year old i was freaked out. 20 years later he asked me if i remembered that summer. Lol, Bubby may rest in peace, and know you and Elaine touched many people in a positive way. Sean Doucette

  14. Hope you find all the beautiful rocks your ever wanted ❤️ I’m going to miss coming to the cottage and being teased for being left behind a screen door to rust! I’m going to miss you Uncle Bubby ❤️

  15. I was so fortunate to have worked in his shop. That was my first experience in the working world and I couldn’t have asked for a better boss and friend. I learned a lot from him and am grateful for the experience. I still have a love for rocks. The world has lost a good man and visiting Parrsboro will definitely different. Rest in Peace my friend.

    1. been to the rock shop various times while i was visiting my dear friends Harold and Edith Henshaw.. Eldon was a great person who was always smiling.I am sure he will be missed by the town as i miss my friends Harold and Edith. R.I.P. Eldon

  16. Eldon touched the lives of many in and around our community as well as all around the world. He shared his knowledge and love of what he did with enthusiasm. Anyone who had the chance to meet him were very lucky people.
    RIP “Bubby”
    Hugs are sent to his family and friends .

  17. we sure were glad to know Eldon and his family and the rock shop was an extra treat along with the fossils and the gem show,He will be missed .

  18. I first met Eldon George when I was a teenager . I visited his rock shop then and he generously shared his knowledge with me. Just before his shop closed I visited again and he was the same unassuming gentleman I had met almost 50 years earlier. Eldon George certainly made an impression on me and all those who new him. He will be missed. Rest in peace, Eldon.

  19. Eldon George was important to me. He showed me the importance of enthusiasm for collecting, inquiry, and telling others. He was a story teller that entertained with geological information. He also showed me [by example] how you can harness this enthusiasm into a public connection with “Rockhound Roundup.” A trip to Parrsboro was never complete without a visit to see Elaine and Eldon.

  20. I knew Eldon from my second visit to Nova Scotia in 1976. He was generous with his knowledge, enthusiastic with his effort, and welcoming with his personage. He contributed mightily to Science with discoveries, but he was modest about accepting credit. He will be dearly missed.

  21. When my husband and I went to Boston for a vacation we went to the science museum. Of course my first stop there was the jewelry counter. The girl working there asked me where I was from. I told her we where from Nova Scotia and lived in a small community not far from Parrsboro, N.S. Her response was oh you must know the ambassador of Parrsboro – Eldon George. I told her we certainly knew him and said Eldon was really a true ambassador in all sense of the word. No one person was any prouder or promoted his home town as well as only Eldon George could. He was certainly well loved by everyone who had the privilege of having him in their lives. God doesn’t make too many men better or more generous than our very own Eldon George. He will be missed but forever remembered. When he came into the bank he always joked with us saying he was going to live until he turned into an old fossil.

  22. Such a great loss, so sad to read this news. Bubby George was a neighbour of my Grandparents in Parrsboro. Whenever we would go to visit, we always walked over to the “rockshop”. Even many years later, he recognized me and had stories about Grampy and my Mom and her brothers and sisters. Rest in peace Sir, you will be missed by many friends around the world.

  23. There just aren’t enough people in this World like Eldon. He captured people because he was a sweet gentle soul who deeply touched all he contacted. A simple conversation of a few moments was a treasure one would remember.

  24. A man with many talents and lots of stories to tell and don’t forget the hugs! I always enjoyed our visits cuz! It was wonderful to hear the stories about mom when she was a little girl. Rest easy Bubby! U will be missed oxo

  25. No words can express the sadness than overcame me when I read of Bubby’s death. He put our shore ‘on the map’ and as Tim Fedak stated a few years back at a special presentation for him at FGM – it will be Eldon George’s name we will see in geological history books . Bubby make his mark and he will not be forgotten.
    I was proud to call him my friend.

  26. I have fond memories of visiting Eldon and Elaine at the rock shop as a young girl. He was such a kind man. My sincere condolences to his family and friends and the community of Parrsboro.

  27. Bubbly George will be always rembered as a great man and an ambassador for Parrsboro. As I got older and recognized the contributions he made to our town I would credit him for putting our town on the map. His role in launching the Rockhound Round Up will never be forgotten and this event continues to grow.
    Great man neighbour and friend. Rest in piece. Art Atkinson

  28. Eldon was one of the first people to welcome us to Parrsboro in 2007. Ever since, we shared the joy of geology with him: collecting minerals, polishing them, looking down the microscope, he was keen on everything. The look on Eldon’s face when he saw a really interesting specimen was worth more than gold … and I will never forget it. Because of Tim Fedak’s thoughtfulness, we were able to be with Eldon for a little while on his last day. My deepest sympathy to those who knew him for a lifetime. You are deeply missed, Eldon but your story is remembered. Helen

  29. Uncle Bubby will be greatly missed. His great accomplishments, positive outlook and wonderful stories impressed many lives. Rest in peace Uncle Bubby. You will be so fondly remembered.

  30. Scot Krueger
    I owe Eldon a great debt of gratitude! Sometime around 1975 my father took us on a collecting vacation to Partridge Island outside Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, and dad got caught well up on a steep rock face he had climbed to check out something that looked promising. Eldon George heard of his predicament and came out from town and scrambled up the cliff to try to help him. I remember thinking he scrambled just like a billy goat on those steep rocks. When he could not find a safe way to help my dad down, he went back into town and got 300″ of rope from the hardware store. By now it was getting dark, but Eldon led several of us up a trail, in the dark, onto the top of the island, to the exact spot above my dad. He said he had been climbing that hill his whole life and knew it like the back of his hand. We lowered a rope to him with a lit flashlight tied to the end so that he could grab it and then safely climb back down. It was a harrowing night, and I will never forget Eldon’s help. He was one of a kind. He was apparently the “old man of minerals” in that town. He was even featured in a National Geographic article on the area back in the 1960s, I discovered later. I wish him the best of luck collecting in the next life. But knowing Eldon, I’m sure he’ll leave us some good ones for when we catch up with him.

    Art, Feel free to use the story. It is the Reader’s Digest version which leaves out the Canadian Mounties who flew all the way out from Halifax in their helicopter, but which got trapped as a fog bank rolled in and they could not get him off with a harness (they were rewarded by a cold night in sleeping bags on the spit for all their efforts). And the local restaurant that stayed open late to give us a hot meal after our ordeal. I really commend the hospitality of that little town. The story also does not mention the award-winning butterscotch stilbites we found that day. 😉

  31. so sad/ we drove up to Parrsboro from NY every summer. Seeing Eldon was always a highlight, my Dad would talk with him for hours at the shop// even got to go rock hunting with him a few times.

  32. It is indeed sad news about Eldon. We always enjoyed the visits we had when we were in Parrsboro every summer. His stories about his discoveries were inspirational. His anecdotes of events around and about the Bay of Fundy were fascinating. One had a sharper appreciation of the natural world listening to his experiences. He was a wonderful person.

  33. Uncle Bubby

    We will miss you. From my family Kelly, Bruce and our daughters Morgan & Perri. We were all lucky enough to call you our Uncle and Great Uncle. Our Summer holiday highlight was always rock hunting adventurers with Uncle Bubby, digging up all kinds of treasures and listening for hours to wonderful stories of your adventures. A life well lived!!! We love you and will miss you.
    Now, may you wonder the universe having more adventures and making many more discoveries.

  34. I used to do a lot of rockhounding in Parrsboro when I was a kid, and even got to help out at the rock shop over several summers in the early/mid 80’s. I had lots of good discussions with Eldon about better techniques for finding various crystals and fossils in the area that greatly expanded my skills. It was also Eldon who I ended up asking where the Harvard/Columbia fossil team were doing the then much publicized dig for the Trithelodont. Without him giving me the rough directions to their dig site, I may not have ended up getting to be on their crew for several summers.

    Thank you Bubby George for all the great advice and friendship to a kid who loved your wonderful rock shop and appreciated your excellent tutelage. I learned a great amount from you, and will miss you.

  35. I was googling Eldon’s Rock Shop to see if it was still open. It has been about 20 years since I brought a Girl Scout Troop there to look for fossils and minerals. We were from Maine, but I had been to his shop and searched for fossils in Joggins Beach before. Eldon took the girls and I down to West Bay to look for minerals and fossils. It was the highlight of our trip and part of our Geology badge. I am so sad that he has passed. He was a wonderful man who was very generous with his time. I will miss him.

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