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Remembering Eldon George

The community is gathering at the Fundy Geological Museum to remember and celebrate Eldon George on Saturday September 14th at 2:00 pm.

Eldon George from Macleans Magazine 2003.

Eldon George was born in Parrsboro on May 11, 1931. He grew up along the shore of the Minas Basin in a house, at the end of the tracks of the coal train from Springhill.

At eight year’s old Eldon suffered a traumatic injury to his arm and spent time away from his home while at the Hospital in Halifax . His injury eventually became a blessing, as his mother directed his attention with art and encouraged Eldon’s interest in collecting beach shells.

It was near Partridge Island that Eldon then found his first fossil, what he thought was a dinosaur footprint, but it turned out to be much older.

Eldon,or “Bubby” to those who knew him well, spent his life learning, exploring and making significant discoveries along the shores of the Minas Basin. With his wife Elaine, the two operated the Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Shop and Museum in Parrsboro, which Eldon opened in 1947.

Rock Shop by Tom Forrestall

The iconic destination became very popular after the Giant Tides of Fundy article was published in the National Geographic Magazine in August of 1957. Photos of Eldon’s bounding enthusiasm for minerals was included in the article, featuring photos of Eldon and his brother Willie who was often by his side.

There were significant discoveries and fossils, and the world came to know about Parrsboro largely though the persistent and passionate efforts of Eldon to raise the profile of the areas geology, minerals and fossils.

Eldon spent his life doing what he loved, surrounded by family and friends, including many who will gather today to remember and celebrate his life.