Fossil Collection

Eldon George blazed the trail for dinosaur research in Nova Scotia. Eldon is a self-taught field geologist who devoted a lifetime to regular field research along the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Through his years of hard work Eldon has established an important collection of fossil specimens.

Eldon has created an important collection of Carboniferous fossil fish, insects, and Triassic dinosaur footprints.

To do this type of specialized field work today, you need a Heritage Research Permit or to work as a Museum Volunteer. Eldon learned some of his skills when he worked at the Nova Scotia Museum, assisting with the Geology Collection for several years. Over many years Eldon has made important contributions to palaeontology research as an active citizen scientist.

Parrsboro Smallest Dinosaur Footprint

The Parrsboro Rocks Project will ensure the significant¬† fossil specimens from Eldon’s collection will be stored and available for study at the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro.

During the first phase of the Project (August 2015 – July 2017), Museum staff will work with Eldon and volunteers to document and inventory the specimens and artifacts associated with the Parrsboro Rock and Mineral Shop.

  • Some of the items will be relocated and used to reconstruct the iconic facade of the Rock and Mineral Shop in a permanent exhibit at the Fundy Geological Museum.
  • Fossils, rock and mineral specimens will be documented and organized, and transferred to the Museum when determined appropriate.

There will be some items and artifacts that are not transferred to the Museum for the museum collections or exhibits, or used for interpretive and educational purposes. When appropriate, some items will be distributed to other local or regional museums, or sold at fundraising events or in the Museum Shop of the Fundy Geological Museum. Funds from sales of these items will be used to support the goals of the Parrsboro Rocks Project.

The Parrsboro Rocks Project will ensure the important specimens and stories of Eldon George will stay in Parrsboro – including the World’s smallest dinosaur footprints.Eldon Traits of Citizen Scientist


An example from Eldon’s Collection:
Learn about the 16,000 year old walrus tusk

A specimen Eldon found in Parrsboro Harbour in the late 1940’s. This is just one of hundreds of interesting and important fossils in this important fossil collection.


Learn a bit of Eldon’s story…¬†¬† Learn More.